Street art in our neighborhood

A few really cool wall paintings decorate the streets around our flat. These three photos present a big wall painting next to a community film theatre. My favorites are the black and white or black and red dragons.

Many schools have paintings with versions of popular cartoon characters, animals, letters of the alphabet or pictures depicting children playing. Schools are an interesting business here. There are probably hundreds of private schools and also a public system, but both lack qualified teachers. Tonight we met some Finnish teachers who work here, and they us told that a local teacher in a public school gets 50$ of salary per month. The low salary leads to teachers taking bribes from students to give good grades, or selling the right answers to exams, which in turn leads to kids not actually learning much.

The bird I tagged a block away, but it was short-lived. Some guys were tearing it down just a few days later.



So many things deteriorate fast here, and there is little habit of maintaining them. This is one of the things we hope to move forward in our process. A group of neighbors is building the bamboo structures for the youth center, and as they make the elements from scratch they learn the whole process and know what to do if some of the structures need changing later.