Sound can be math – Short coverage from Scifest 2012

Sketches from the workshop, describing various sound production mechanisms

We had a nice workshop on sound production mechanisms and modeling with about 50 students from various ages at SciFest’12, Joensuu. The participants, in groups of four, first identified the sounds they hear and described how these sounds  are produced, by sketches. Then we switched to digital sound synthesis models, and they have explored various parts of the models with Wii motes. A short coverage of the workshop, from student perspective, can be found below.

Warm thanks to all participants and organizers. SciFest was a great experience, and I am positively surprised by the curiosity and technical capabilities of young generation.

Pulputusta, pirinää, pärinää, rätinää, suhinaa…

via Ääni voi olla matematiikkaa – Scifest 2012 – Alueet – Viihde ja kulttuuri – Karjalainen.