Software frameworks for multitouch

I’ve been adding support for several popular software frameworks and programming languages into the AaltoWindow platform. The work has progressed quite well I think, and currently multitouch-enabled AaltoWindow applications can be written using any of the following frameworks:

The audio frameworks communicate with the other frameworks using OSC or MIDI, so they do not respond to multitouch directly. Kinect support will be added after the multitouch base is complete (I need to put still some effort into MT4J and unity testing). On the browser front, Firefox 6.02 seems to continue exposing the touch using the proprietary Mozilla events, so support for a custom webkit-based engine is under consideration. The Chromeless project looks also interesting.

The list above should offer some freedom of choice for the application development, because even if the runtime platform is Windows 7, the cross-platform frameworks allow development using other platforms as well. But as there are  lots of great frameworks available, did I miss some essential ones?