Signs of Olari top 3

The leafy 70s suburb of Olari, Espoo doesn’t believe in fences. Instead they will put up a sign demanding privacy when possible. Here’s the top 3.

3. Private property I

I violated this one and walked straight through like the bad boy that I am. That’s alright though, because the ladies love a criminal mind like mine.

Good thing I didn’t run into any of the residents though, or I would have peed myself.

2. Private property II

Weird thing is there wasn’t literally anyone around on the Saturday afternoon I had a stroll around the area. Does that mean the signs are working?

At least it scared off all those nasty little children from the playground.

1. Private property III

After the third privacy sign the effect wore off though and I could start ignore them like I should have done the whole time.

Don’t worry Olari, I’m not interested in your property.