Downloading, filtering, adjusting and saving photos for print, email and web

This tutorial list is for using most common Adobe programs (Bridge and Photoshop and the “side programs” that include to them: Photo Downloader and Camera Raw Editor) to get quality adjust photos fast and easy.

1-     Getting photos from a camera with Camera Downloader
2-     Organizes, filter and browse images with Bridge
3-     Adjust with Camera Raw Editor
4-     Finish with Photoshop

1. Getting photos from a camera with Photo Downloader

Use the Photo Downloader Utility included to retrieve images from a digital camera. Organize photos on a hard drive. Name images.

2. Organizes, filter and browse images with Bridge

Use the Bridge to locate, organize, preview, and browse images. Filter photos.

3. Adjust with Camera Raw Editor

Use the Camera Raw to adjust the images. Adjust the Temperature and Tint sliders. Use the White Balance tool etc.

NOTE: Many digital cameras today can take RAW images instead of or in addition to JPEG images. When you set your camera to take RAW images, whatever camera settings like, white balance etc that are set are embedded in the file, but not applied to the image. However, if you don’t shoot RAWs with your camera, you still can do image adjusting with the Camera Raw Editor. You don’t get all of the advantages you get from starting with a RAW image, but at least you can use the same techniques and sliders. You may find that the results you get are not only better, but also easier and quicker to apply.
4. Finish with Photoshop

4.1. Resizing Images and saving for print or email
Resize an image, print an image at a certain size or change the pixels inside the image.
4.2. Saving Images for the Web
4.3. Find more tips and tutorials from
… if needed.

Camera RAW



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