SGT: Wastebusters + HtCtW meeting

By Oludayo Oguntoyinbo,

It was a time to showcase weeks of ideas that have been created as a result of surveys and studies. The Wastebusters and the How to change the world – “HtCtW” met at the design factory with Meri L√∂yttyniemi on March 31, 2011.

During the meeting, the wastebusters presented three waste types – The Waste Tree (Wastree), the Waste Tower (Waste Bar) and the Waste Table. Meanwhile, an opinion questionnaire form was prepared beforehand for participants to fill to make their choices on the three waste types from the WasteBusters. So far, a choice has not been made (the choice result would be published soon).

The HtCtW team presented an almost similar wastetree concept but in a totally different structural way. They had had an emphasis on small bins; but the major focus of the Wastebusters was to actually eliminate small bins (as such reducing wastes).

Afterwards, a general update and reaction was made by Meri (Head of Aalto Sustainable Group). There was a special drill for her as to whether Money and Sustainability would compete in Aalto. But the issue was set clear when she explained students’s ideas are still useful.

More info to follow…