SGT: Waste Bar

By Raja Mudassar

As waste buster is trying to figure out a sustainable waste management system so Aalto campus is the focus of the project. After the preliminary research I came to the fact that if we want to have and efficient waste management system then the critical factor is the waste collection stage where an effective waste segregation can make a difference and will play a major role in attaining the ultimate goal. Considering design factory it is observed that waste bins for different types of wastes are only in the lobby area and in remaining halls and offices single waste bins are placed and that are being used to through all types of waste generated in those locations. In order to address the issue of waste segregation at those places where at present single waste bin is being used for all types of wastes one idea is by placing compact tower type waste bins called waste bar. Different compartments of waste can be of different sizes based on the type of waste produced in that area. Also the biowaste is better to put in the lower compartment. Different types of waste bars are illustrated in the figures below.

Important Features

Some of the important features that make this waste bin more useable are discussed below.
a. Visibility
With tower type waste bin the visibility issue in libraries and offices can be resolved as it can be easily seen because of its tall structure.
b. Scale up
The tower type bin can be made in any size according to the different types of waste produced in different locations. For instance in case of centralized system it can be of large size.
c. Practical
The size is quite natural and can be easily be made.
d. Availability
The availability factor is also very attractive in this case as minimum muscle energy will be consumed for segregating the waste
e. Economical
The proposed tower bin can be made by number of materials and it is also possible to use recycled plastic for making the structure of the bin.
f. Ergonomical
Ergonomics is the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body, its movements, and its cognitive abilities. So for this proposed waste bin the design is quite ergonmical.
g. Innovative
I think the proposed tower bin is innovative as I have never seen this kind of waste bin before.
h. Design Convenience
Compared with typical waste bin the design is bit complex and not very simple.
i. Mobility
The bin is quite mobile as there are wheels at the bottom and the cleaner can take all three different types of waste at the same time with minimum muscle energy.
j. Acceptability
Since the design is innovative so I guess people will be attracted to use the waste bar.
k. Simplicity
The waste segregation the using the approach of tower type bin is quite simple

Problem in using for kids, old people