SGT: Prototyping!

By Kiira Kinnunen

12.4 and 19.4 Wastebusters were building simple prototypes for innovative waste bins according to the three concepts mentioned earlier. How to Save the World group from Aalto School of Economics was also making their own prototypes at the Aalto Design Factory. It was really fun to make the prototypes and get to know the other group!

Best of all, both groups got the opportunity to test the prototypes in practice on 20.4 in the product design gala at the Design Factory. Our ”Waste Tree” was placed between the Design Factory and the Aalto Venture Garage. It turned out that the users found the right bin quite well, since the energy waste bin was full and the others empty. The energy waste was mostly soup cups because we placed the prototype next to a point where food was served.

All in all, prototyping was fun and successful!