SGT: Before the Green Light!

By Oludayo Oguntoyinbo

It was a journey that have spanned 5 months of meetings, visits, brainstorming, presentations, disagreements to agreements. I will call it a journey of 11 credits! And what kilometre comparison perfectly fits this? In my own opinion, it is a curly (spiral) walking distance that have spanned through 11 kilometres…:).

Generally, I joined the course to do something totally different from my field of study; a longing to satisfy my heart desires to have a mix with other students from various disciplines and different cultures. Alas! It’s been tough but sweetened.

From the confused state of my mind in choosing a group to join, up to the point we got a the green light, I would say – I have not wasted my 11 kilometres walk. It’s been worth the trip.

Personally, starting off with the Waste Management gave me an overall objective, and that is – “making the impact”. The first meeting was so sweet! I listened to Andy’s motivational and ambitious words, and I was like, ehh! This will be so interesting journey. And sure at the beginning of the final points, I guess, I am not disappointed with the progress made with the task. For real, Andy is so motivational…:)

From my journey, I became so yellow (weary) of the fact that we were not making any considerable progress. With the Leeds trip cancelled, it was becoming more of an hopelessness in getting a sponsor for just a trip. But even without the trip, ideas converged and we could put things together and even became more hopeful.

I became so happy when the prototyping was planned; a considerable motivation from Lilli Mäkelä can not be discarded though. She gave some very good insights into our case. Deciding which ideas to use, putting papers together, cutting and slicing things were so interesting and the output even beyond my mind thoughts. Mari and Meri, both made their considerable constructive criticism. And of course, Matleena’s.

So at this point, a very green light has been shone and we are ready to unleash the work we have done so far. I am very optimistic that the final presentation would be more impacting and finally more rewarding for its purposes.

And hopefully, I might have to do some engagements with the following people later on; their contributions would not be forgotten. They surely will continually be useful till later days…Dr Paula, Dr Ulla and others.


I am a WasteBuster!