SGT: An amazing progress…!

By Oludayo Oguntoyinbo

When the SGT course started, it was like “hey, how do we proceed…?”. It took almost weeks to be able to get the clearer picture of what is to be done and fully implemented. From the several meetings to the visits to the brainstorming, it was fast becoming an almost impossible mission at some point. But my! There has been an amazing progress…!

The partnership between the HtCtW guys helped to harness our capability and created a strong desire to make a better impact. I would say that this partnership has been so amazing over the last couple of weeks.

It was a wonderful session of prototyping with HtCtW guys and SUEZ crew on April 12, 2011. All hands were busy and made dirty. Very critical analysis was made by our “guest” Meri. Her visit to the session was so motivational. Her contribution likewise was so immense. I believe everyone at the prototyping session would have had a very good session of put ideas to reality. In 3 words, “it was awesome!”.

The prototyping session had different phases. But a target was set to make a display of one the prototypes at the Design Factory PDP Gala program. So the Waste Tree was decided to be used and more info would come in subsequent blogs about the use of the waste tree at the PDP Gala program.