Russian nostalgia

Another characteristic feature of the design in Russia is nostalgia. Nostalgia is present in many works of Russian design, in some measure it has become a trend.

Russia is the only country in the 20th century has experienced such a powerful cultural shift.Many artists unable to find place in the commercial design turned to the past as a source of inspiration.

Which is currently represent Alexander and Olga Florensky. Precisely because of these artists, has emergedthe line of graphic design based on traditional Russian chart. Florenskys also create installations, materials for which are the objects of the everyday life of communal apartments, old pots, pans and float.

The past also attracts young designers. In their work appears mood of the design of fiftieth-sixtieth.

So the young artist Niaz Sayfutdinov created a work located between industrial design and art. Olenishka is a very romantic piece, transferring us to 40 years ago. Graphic Design in Russia is also influenced by nostalgia. The most successful brands use graphic resolutions of 30 – 40 years ago. Street art is also takes over these trends.

Street artist Paul Pukhov became known after he moved graphics from the popular Soviet chocolate in the space of the street.