Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

On Saturday evening the project team arrived in Lisbon, Portugal, for a 14-hour stopover. We were greeted at the airport by our local ESTIEM-friends Joao Barata (Local Group Lisbon) and Rui Mesquita (Local Group Porto), and from the airport we continued directly to Bairro Alto for a dinner. The dinner continued for a while, and after a thorough exchange of information about Brazil and several sangria-jugs, it was time to hit the nightlife of Lisbon! The party continued until the sun came up, and it was time to return to the airport and catch the flight to Rio de Janeiro. Thanks again for all our friends in Lisbon for taking a good care of us, it was great!

The 10,5-hour flight from Lisbon to Rio went quite effortlessly due to the exhausting night before, and we landed in Rio feeling excited and ready to experience Brazil at its fullest! At the moment we are enjoying our welcome cocktails at the hostel, and ready for tonight’s Favela Funk Party (Favela = Brazilian slum). More about the party and tomorrow’s visit to a local technical university will follow..

Cheerio from the Southern hemisphere, where the water “should” run counterclockwise!

Check out our trip-pictures here!