Results of the competition

On behalf of the Openwave-group, I am pleased to announce the winners of the Vision of Future Boating Competition 2011 here today.

The three winning entries are presented shortly below. More information about the winning submissions on the right side bar.

Kosin Voravattayagon’s concept of a future sail boat won the Vision of Future Boating Competition 2011 and the prize of 3000 €. Kosin’s concept has been inspired by asymmetric architecture and Asian culture. Kosin studies Transportation Design in Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden.


Antti Mäkelä’s and Alexander Brink’s concept “Le Boat” won the 2nd prize, 2000 €. Antti and Alexander created an affordable, sustainable, easy, care-free and safe day trip boat concept.

Mäkelä ja Brinck

Vasu Vachiraprakarnsakul’s concept won the 3rd prize, 1000 €. Vasu’s concept “The M-Concept Venezia” is a single traveller vehicle for agile driving through narrow canals in Venice.