Research symposium: Exploring cinematic spaces: frames, images, screens, May 3-4, 2013, Helsinki, Finland

The Aalto University’s ELO Helsinki Film School (Department of Film, Television and Scenography, School of Arts, Design and Architecture) will host a symposium on possibilities of different aspect ratios in cinematography and storytelling. We turn our gaze towards frame, the primary unit of film meaning and ask: What is an act of framing? How framing is used as an expressive resource? How depth and space in cinematic narratives are built within different aspect rations? What is cinematographer’s contribution to the process?

The symposium addresses these questions from different points of view. We try to gather existing multidisciplinary knowledge on the evolution of aspect ratios and composition of cinematic images, not forgetting the new tools of storytelling, the 3D and 220° panorama images.

The list of speakers consists of European cinematographers, computer game designers,  researchers and cognitive scientists. The final programme will be published in mid-March, at the latest. The symposium is suitable for professionals, researchers and students interested in the questions of image composition. The event takes place at the Aalto ARTS, Media Centre Lume, Sampo hall (Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki) and is supported by the Aalto University, Media Factory.

More information: Professor of cinematography, Timo Heinänen, and coordinator Kirsi Rinne,

Kirsi Rinne
coordinator (research and doctoral studies)
Aalto University
School of Art, Design and Architecture
Department of Film, Television and Scenography
+358 40 5929466