How to reduce the size of image full PowerPoint presentation

These are ways to significantly decrease the the size of PowerPoint presentations with images in simple steps.

Step one

Click any image of your presentation and click the “Compress Picture” button (from Picture Tools Format ribbon*) and select “Options”. Now choose Email (96 ppi) as the target output and click OK. This could change all the pictures used in your Presentation to an optimal size.

* PowerPoint 2007, 2010

Compress  Picture

Step two – If the first one didn’t work.

Incase you are using any BMP, TIFF etc. images in the PowerPoint presentation, convert them to JPG and reinsert.

Easiest way to do this is to save slides to JPG files. Go to “Save As”* on the Microsoft PowerPoint main menu. Find “JPEG File Interchange Format.” Click “Save;” and choose “Current Slide Only” or “Every Slide” if you want to convert the entire presentation.

Then reinsert new images and delete old ones.

* PowerPoint 2010 Choose File > Save As…
* PowerPoint 2007 Click Office button > Save As
* PowerPoint 2003 (and earlier) Choose File > Save As…

JPEG File Interchange Format

If you know better ones, I invite you to leave your comments