Problems and solutions-juxtaposed

This post derives from the meeting with Creative Sustainability students published in the previous week, I have juxtaposed the problems suggested by students and ideas to solve them. Please find the post about the meeting itself here.


Target priority

In this order: Prospective students, current students, other Aalto people, partners (NGO, IO, industry, educational clients, future employer of CS students), faculty members, researchers, alumni
User prioritised

P – Information overload: Facebook, too many emails, too many channels of Aalto University (moodle, noppa, oodi, people)

S – Provide a hub of information in which students can find links to relevant Aalto online services

P – How to connect CS Alumni with current students will be an upcoming issue in near future

S – Provide credential for all CS students and change their status later as alumni

For current students


Problem 1 – Students said they are getting too many emails and they find it difficult to understand the information in certain emails without having read the previous emails

Problem 2 – Some students hasn’t even visited the CS website for months because they find it so messy and there is not so much new information

Solution – Archive (most of) the information to be sent to students in the new CS website

Study info

Sometimes course information updates for upcoming courses are too late

P – The form of course information on current CS website is inconsistent and thus sometimes difficult to comprehend

P – Course information updates don’t give links to moodle, noppa, oodi, people, which would make the work of students much more easy

P – Study structure isn’t really informative and as a result students have to find out the more information from noppa or oodi

S – Come up with more consistent form of info, include links to relevant Aalto online services

Sharing student works

P – The current CS website almost only works as a information pages for admission

S – Share students’ works with curation and editorial

S – Provide a space for students to share processes and to comment to each other – CS is not individually driven programme, it is mostly group work and it’s the strength

P – too much information can cause information overload

P – too long posts can repel readers

S – Provide information in several layers: 1st Layer – preview post like a poster, 2nd layer–longer explanation with easily understandable visual material, 3rd layer–own blog or project website

Social Network

P – Facebook doesn’t help solve the problem because not everyone is on it, and there are 3 CS Facebook groups

S – Fetch the feed from Facebook feed in order to attract larger audience

S – Automatically send a feed to Facebook and Twitter when a new post is published in the new CS website

Physical space

P – CS courses happen in different places and it’s hard to find them when first starting one’s study

S – Help students find and book the space E.g. providing address, google maps link

S – Provide a calendar for events and courses – CS open lecture, CS–on–display, admission for special courses etc

For prospective students

Learning about CS

P – Prospective students are unable to connect to CS people than Naoko and Tiina. Some students before applying found a twitter account of one of earlier CS student and connected with him

S – Mark students in their posts with real name, face, email, twitter, homepage … that can be modified by students themselves

P – As a prospective student I wanted to see student project & course outcomes

S – Share students’ works with curation and editorial

P – As a prospective student I wanted to know the name of the teachers and what they taught

S – Provide the previous year’s teachers info

P – As a prospective student I want to find out research opportunity post–master study, as well as job opportunities

S – Nodus group will be presented, job opportunity…?

Admission & before starting their studies to Finland

P – As a prospective student I had hard time to figure out when I should prepare my portfolio and English certificate

S – provide visualised admission procedure, strong suggestions for preparing application considering CS’ peculiarity

P – As a prospective student I had hard time getting to know the Finnish residence permit information

S – Provide basic info and give links to the Aalto page

P – Some of the students quit their jobs too early not knowing that the mandatory courses are not starting very soon

S – Mark mandatory studies clearly in the studies and structure 2012–2013 page

P – As a prospective student I wanted to know annual schedule more clearly

S – present study structure by months