Places to visit before you die

This is interesting…
Åsa Stenborg from The Natural Step says that there are a few places everyone should visit in their lifetime:
-a waste sorting station
-a water treatment plant
-a slaughterhouse
-a refugee reception centre….

As a child growing up in Canada, one of my favourite parts of the TV programme Sesame Street was the sequences filmed in factories, showing you how pencils are made or how milk was bottled. The more we know, it seems to me, the less we understand. We are so distanced from the origins of things as well as their deaths. We don’t know how things are made, especially when they are encased in shiny metal boxes closed with screws we can’t open. Friendly interfaces and scaffolding allow us to simply press a button and have something happen like magic. I’m sure that is why ‘making’ and DIY is spreading so rapidly: people want to hack, craft, and remake their own stuff to understand what it means, where it comes from and where it goes.

What would I add to Åsa’s list? I’d love to visit a ship-breaking yard, an oil rig, a data centre. Maybe I should start an alternative travel agency and offer these as new destinations for a 21st century enlightened tourist.
What about you? What would be on your list?