Photography and tourists

Unlike the topic might suggest, this post doesn’t have anything to do with tourists taking photographs.

It is still Friday. Since it was indeed a very sunny day, I didn’t want to stay the whole evening inside my room staring at my computer (and perhaps written a new blog post..). Instead, I headed out for the sunset with my camera, and my tripod (which I got as a birthday gift just the other day). Since I had briefly bicycled through Olympiapark before, I new that the highest point in the city is on a hill there.

I went by bicycle, and of course I didn’t know the road to the top of the hill (which was quite high..), and therefore ended up pushing my bike up the steep and looong slope to get to the top. I got to the top only moments before the sun was setting, so I quickly hassled my stuff together and took some random pictures of random things. There were quite a few people at the top with me. In addition to the four or five photographers there were lots of couples enjoying a romantic sunset. Since the hill was in the middle of a nice park, lots of joggers/runners also came to make a turn at the high point and just as quickly went on their way.

After the sun had set, the tension seemed to let go since the moment everyone had been waiting for had gone. I had brought with me a bottle of Radler (=bicyclist), which is a mix of lemon soda and beer, most probably intended for people who want to experience the refreshfulness of beer without losing their capability to control a 30-year-old bike down a long, steep and cobble-stoned path. During my radler-break I played a bit with the long shutter times now made possible by my new tripod. I will try to post the photos in the end of this post, but this blog-UI is quite horrible when it comes to adding media.. I will get the final, good photo-site up this week. Some pictures can of course be found on facebook here and here.

Anyhow I’m quite happy with the tripod and how super cool Munich looks like at night 🙂 Even though it was very warm when the sun was up, immediately after sunset it came very cold, so it was good I had my gloves with me. During my effort to get to the top of the hill, Hercules experienced a light-dislodging blow somehow.. Luckily it was easy to pop back in and my light worked fine when I left for home. Bicycling in the dark, unknown and steep-hilled park was not something I wanted that much to do.. especially with my camera in my backpack.


Like Friday, Saturday was also very warm. There were however some clouds to be seen, so i prolonged my excursion to the Nymphenburg castle (in Munich, about 15 min by bike from my house) to Sunday. I still needed a couple of thing for my room, so I headed for the old town -area of Munich. Cut to the point: I’ve never before seen so many tourists at once. Most of them were English-speaking (my guess that they were from the States). It was quite wierd to think that that many people have come to visit Germany. After circling around here and there I finally ran into a book shop, from where I could by my notebook. From there on I went to Viktualienmarkt to get something to eat, when I saw to police officers go into a butcher shop. If the local police themselves eat at a certain place, then they have to have good, normal and not-just-for-tourists -kind of specialities to try. I eagerly followed the police men and asked them what were they having and what could they recommend for me. The lunch of the day was thereby 2 x Leberkäsesemmeln, a thick slab of ham with mustard, between a traditional German bread roll. They were very good, and only cost 2 euros/Leberkäsesemmeln 🙂

In the evening I went out with some friends to a pre-oktoberfest party, that was at a restaurant near Ostbahnhof. The place was packed with traditionally dressed people and the ‘traditional’ German party music. I ended up chatting with the bouncer, since his shift was over and he happened to sit in our table. Apparently he’d been in the German army for 8 years and worked as a lieutenant. We ended up talking about army stuff and being in the army untill 3 a.m.. It seems that who ever or where ever you are, it’s very easy to relate to someone else, if they’ve experienced the same s*** as you have. But yep. We shared a cab and I made it safe and sound back home.

Today, Sunday,  I visited the Schloss Nymphenburg (Nymphenburg castle). It was very big and, of course, very awesome 🙂 I walked around the park grounds of the castle with my camera. I had a nice apple break at a pond with birds and stuff. I took a picture of a couple and they in return took a picture of me, with my camera. Although it may seem from the picture that my posture is quite awful, its’ most certainly only a matter of bad timing! You can find the picture at the moment on facebook here.