Paavola, S. and Hakkarainen, K. (2005) The knowledge creation metaphor – an emergent epistemological approach to learning, Science and Education, 14, pp. 535-557

I read this article because in the abstract in mentioned two things that I recently have read about: boundary objects and knowledge creation theory. However, since the focus was on teaching students the entire paper was not of my interest. Still, I found the trialogical knowledge creation metaphor to describe my interests. It empahises not only on individuals or communities but the way people collaboratively develop mediating artifacts. In this methaphor knowledge is embedded in the mediating artifacts (boundary objects) and skills and practices are emphasized. The paper also states that Nonaka and Takeutchi’s SECI model has boundary objects embedded (at least it their book 1995) since it creates knowledge which is presented as the product that has been developed.