Our partner organizations

We are building the youth center for and with two local organizations, Cambodian Volunteers for Society (CVS) and Khmer Kamputchea Krom Human Rights and Development Association (KKKHRDA). You can see why we use the abbreviations. While the first we met during the course in 2010, the second came along because they had a site to offer for the building and CVS was happy to collaborate with them.

So what do these organizations do exactly? Here is the info that I have been able to collect so far, as the locals’ English isn’t always the easiest to comprehend, but the interviews continue.

The kid in the middle just saw us taking a photo and wanted to be in it.
Phary from CVS on the left in a brown shirt, the participants of the first workshop in March 2010, with Elina Tenho and me.

CVS works with Cambodian youth, bringing the urban youth from different communities together to discuss and tackle common problems, taking the educated ones to do voluntary projects in rural areas, and on a rare occasion sending their most active members to an international meeting or seminar abroad. The aims seem to be getting less-well-off people connected, and making the educated youth aware of the rural conditions and problematics. The active young members get to participate to all of the organization’s functions to learn, and many have been attending the meetings involving the youth center. At the moment they’re busy preparing for the ASEAN youth forum that will begin in a week. All in all, working with the youth makes great sense in a country where there is an abnormal percentage of people are under 25.

KKKHRDA's Chuon on the right attending our workshop in Dec 2010, and a man working in the association's radio program next to him.

KKKHRDA works to promote human rights in Cambodia. Khmer Kamputchea Krom are the people from the area of Vietnam that used to be part of Cambodia. In Vietnam they have trouble preserving their khmer culture and language, but the poor ones can’t move to Cambodia legally either. Some move illegally and these are the ones KKKHRDA is helping with one of their programmes. Other programmes include a local radio informing people about human rights that airs from the building next to our site on what seems like daily basis, and a housing programme for the homeless, of which the management of Kouk Khleang relocation area is a part.