One week to go!

On week 6 Sun and Eero started a new course, Interdisciplinary Product Development, in Aalto Design Factory. Especially Pekka was busy with his thesis. On Thursday 9th Feb we had a meeting to continue our business model. I think our exqursion to Lahti on Fri 2th Feb was very succesfull and since our exqursion it has been a new flow in our project.
Here are some pictures from Thursday 8th Feb.

This picture I took on my way to the old main building of TKK to have lunch. The Otaniemi campus area has a very nice view to the Laajalahti. On the ice was also people ice fishing.

After lunch I enjoyed the sun and…

… saw an igloo! This must be somekind of a joke made by technology students.

The weekend I and my boyfriend spent in my family´s cottage in Middle of Finland. We went to downhill skiing after years of break. There were only -10°C and it feels quite warm after -25°C. Believe it or not! 😉
There is now one week before we fly to Peru. On Monday 12th Feb we will have a meeting, on Wednesday 15th Feb Skype call to CITEMadera people and on Thursday 16th Feb we will have a rehearsal with Rodrigo, Mikko Koria and other people from IDBM staff.