Olsson et al. (2008) Two-Stage Offshoring: An Investigation of the Irish Bridge, MIS Quarterly, 32(2) pp. 257-279

Another good example of a case study paper. Paper tries to theorize the irish companies working as bridges between US and the offshoring country India in software development. Relational exchange theory was used to guide data collection and analysis. Interviews (interview guide from previous research) and archival documents were used for data triangulation. Paper provides good examples of raw data and good discussion about the reliability and construct validity. The authors did not test propositions (which is typical for case studies) in this paper since they labelled it as a revelatory case study.

The relational exchange theory provided attributes:

  • trust
  • interdependence
  • consensus
  • cultural compatibility
  • flexibility

and processes:

  • communication
  • coordination
  • cooperation
  • conflict resolution
  • integration

Analysing through these attributes and processes led to 3 approaches to bridge model:

  • Team integration
  • Organizational level implementation
  • Site hierarchy