Next prototype

On Easter holidays we started to build Aalto-1’s next mock-up model. First we went to the Design Factory with some aluminum metal sheet. First step was to find correct way to bend aluminum in certain accuracy, and at the end of the day we managed to make accurate model of the frame structure. Only one corner is just little bit out of shape. Next step was to order some 3D printed parts and wait for 10 days. During the waiting time we went back to the Design Factory and sawed some PCB board mock-ups. When the 3D-parts arrived we started assembling the model. So with all parts in right place the satellites outer dimensions were just 340,5x100x100 (mm), quite accurately what the specifications say. When we were building the model we found out, that some of the joining methods and placings will not work as planned, so we must re-think some of them in the near future.