New Graphics

In the graphic design as in other areas, there is also a problem of searching a national identity. Now the national signature is starting to appear in graphic design in Russia.

Vladimir Chayka is probably the artist who is in a most fully way reflects the specifics of Russia. The West and the East is united in his posters, there are a traditional for the West  rational approach and sensuality and ambiguity of the East. It’s not without reason his works have found theirs followers as in the East so in the West, in Finland and Japan. By the way the works of Victor Chayka are presented in Lahti Art Museum.

There are works in Russia that have become the symbol of the epoch. Andrey Logvin created the poster “Life was a success” in 1997, in which there are shown all the ambitions of Russian society and a future wave of common consumption is predicted there.
Today the “Caviar” of Logvin has become a symbol of a big leaving epoch in Russia.

But the search is not only in the area of non-profit arts as Chayka’s and Logvin’s works, the works of other authors is also very successful.

The direction of Moscow artist Arthur Ruyzhov is very interesting.

He relies on traditions of national graphic school  in his works, but nevertheless  he created his own graphic language, in which the image and font are woven together. In my opinion he is one of the most promising graphic artist.