New course coming up: Planning, branding and designing tourism destination

We are looking forward to our new multidisciplinary course on planning and branding tourism destinations. It will be held this spring, and we are very excited to have Koli Cultura as the “key note” destination. It means that the intensive period of the course will be held in Koli, North Carelia.

Koli Cultura – a centre for nature tourism and culture will be built on the world’s oldest bedrock in the midst of Koli’s national landscape on Eastern Finland, and is planned to be opened in 2015. The students will get a unique opportunity to learn from this project and its several experts – and on the other hand, they will get to contribute to the design process of the site by sharing thoughts with, and innovating for the Koli Cultura partners. The programme that guides the centre’s development maintains an international view on natural and cultural tourism that promotes a model of sustainable development and interactive group-oriented activities.

This 6 credit is a joint course offered by different Aalto University schools, and its aim is to broaden the multidisciplinary aspect of planning and designing of a tourism destination specifically with regard to land use planning, product building and marketing as well as from the viewpoint of media and design.

The course includes online studies and intensive contact teaching. It is designed for postgraduate students, doctoral students and international exchange and degree students. The course is organized in collaboration with Finnish University Network for Tourism Studies (FUNTS) and open for both Aalto University and FUNTS students.

For more information check out Noppa.

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Stay tuned for latest news – registration has been opened in WebOodi!