Moving Forwards

Today we had a training session with Delmia robotics module expert from Delfoi. For those of you that are not familiar of Delmia, it is a software package build around Catia CAD software and has tools for CAM, robotics programming, factory simulation etc. …practically everything. I, our other doctoral student Jaakko and the master’s thesis workgroup I mentioned earlier, attended this full day intensive training session. We modeled an arch welding robot cell and tried some movement programming. It was more simple than I expected, just had to figure out the overall logics in Delmia environment. I got a good picture about the module and have already some ideas how to carry out the excercise(s) on Digital Manufacturing course. We are having also CAM module training in near future.
And by the way, speaking of digital manufacturing… we had discussion in our lab of purchasing some relatively cheap DIY 3D printing kits and having some of our students to build and tweak them as an educational project. It would be a good starting point for building up additive manufacturing knowledge in our school.

UPDATE 28.9.

Today we had second training day with Delfoi specialists. We saw general presentation about Digital Manufacturing and then Quest software training. I discussed the upcoming course of Digital Manufacturing with Delfoi personnel, and they promised to give a visitor lecture in it. I also have much clearer picture about the excercise of the course; integrated use of Delmia robotics module, production line simulation with Quest and Machining Simulation with Mastercam.

I also managed to a get few candidate students to do their theses about machine vision, 3d digitizing and laser sintering. I hope to get good background information through these projects.

I’m off to M√ľnchen for a while so it could take some time when I write next time.