More than just school

Stanford offers a plenty of extra curricural activities for us visitors. Apart from the usual stuff like gyms, swimming halls, tennis courts, nearby Palo Alto and whatnot there are organized trips to various locations. What’s even nicer is that the trips are paid for us. Makes a student very happy.

This weekend, for example, we went to Muir Woods to have a look at the last remaining redwood forest of coastal California. And believe me, those thing s are massive. These sequoitas were of the skinny tall sort, whereas there is the other subspecies (sequoiadendron) that has the massive diameter trunks (arguably the more famous one). But 70 meter trees, which are quite thick as well, are awe inspiring. We had a blast wandering around the area. But the thing is that the woods are better in real live – you can talk about them all you want but it will never be the same as to see them. Goes for anything, I guess.

The days activities didn’t end there and in the evening we went to San Francisco to see a musical, American Idiot. As the name suggests, it’s based on Green Day’s music. It was OK, could’ve used more punk in my opinion. But then again, when you get something for free, there isn’t a lot of grounds to complain.

I’ll be back with pictures from Muir Woods and various other things once I get them out of my camera’s memory card. Until then, have a nice week.

Miro out