Mohamed, M. et al. (2006) Knowledge management and information technology: can they work in perfect harmony?, Journal of Knowledge Management, 10(3), pp.103-116

The paper discusses the role of IT in knowledge management. It looks at the boundary between human and computers. In this boundary lies the blurred role of IT in capturing tacit knowledge. Traditionally tacit knowledge is unconscious and intangible. But when talking about the role of IT, talking about conscious tacit knowledge becomes relevant. The key thing in this boundary is not to force computers to do tasks better fitted for humans, and the other way around. A balance between these two needs to be found. IT and socio-cultural inputs to tasks need to be interwoven to take use of the advantages of IT tools (distant locations, increased speed) while maintaining the context of the knowledge. Too often when computers are forced to do tasks fitted for humans, context of the knowledge is lost.