Mobile navigation: Special Issue

The editorial and articles of the special issue in J. PERSONAL AND UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING is now available online.

The editors note that mobile technologies for navigation are rather mature, but the current interfaces follow a directed, turn-by-turn navigation scenario rooted in car-based navigation. The papers in the special issue, in contrast, “seek to move navigation beyond simple turn-by-turn directions by embracing the vagaries,vagueness and playfulness that humans often exhibit when navigating on foot”.

Emergent themes are undirected vs directed, exploratory vs turn-by-turn (and their combination), landmarks (cf soundmarks), and practical applications of extreme navigation in specialized environments. While most contributions consider multimodal interfaces and different output modalities (e.g., haptics), Y. Vazquez-Alvarez et al focus directly on spatial sound.

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[1] Y. Vazquez-Alvarez, I. Oakley, and S. A. Brewster, “Auditory display design for exploration in mobile audio-augmented reality,” Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Sep. 2011.