Mobile Audio Programming Seminar Completed

After heavy but motivated work in the autumn semester, 13 seminar participants presented skillfully their selected topics at the final event of the seminar, on December 9, 2011 at the Aalto University, School of Electrical Engineering. In time, we will post highlights of these presentations here. Meanwhile, you can read more on the topics, learning objectives, or catch a Seminar Flyer that also contains the whole program.

The seminar topics were organized according to  the background and learning goals of the participants. The learning objectives were:

  • to read and understand technical literature
  • develop scientific writing and presentation skills
  • understand the fundamentals of audio programming, and their utilization on mobile platforms
  • compare different control protocols, such as MIDI, OSC, and TUIO
  • tackle more advanced topics, such as streams, threads, and multimedia frameworks.

During the keynotes, invited experts have introduced the architecture and application programming interfaces relevant for interactive mobile audio applications. Meanwhile, each participant has prepared a manuscript on a selected topic, and presented them with fluency and skill, using good sound and video examples, and in some cases, real-time (mobile) demonstrations.