MoA SLAM 2012 results: this year, it’s beef.

Just attended MoA SLAM at Jätkäsaari (and wielded a wicked timer and a bell… when we say 10 minutes, we mean it). A week ago or so I had the pleasure of workshopping with the five contestants, helping bounce creative ideas around and dish out performance tips. All I can say is I’m really proud of all the performers, who really stepped up to the plate and tried something new. They were all a bunch of nervous things before the show, but one after another they impressed and strutted.  Some of my iPhone pics are a bit rubbish as the lens doesn’t much care for stage lighting, so just think “atmosphere.”

Members of the audience acting like spies. Or just reading the newspaper that Seungho Lee handed out as part of his 10-minute talk on saving the world.

Jemina Lehmuskoski told the story of going to school in Bangladesh and hatching their own ducks. Then she showed this slide of her next year of school, in Finland. Look closely, you can see the conformity - rows and rows of the letter "a" written between two lines. The crowd actually made a small (but delightful) sound of existential woe.
Linda Söderholm blew my mind by wrecking the sacred space of the PowerPoint frame. Then she danced. RESPECT.