Miscellaneous thoughts about food and health

There are tons of differences between American and Finnish culture, but today I feel like addressing one issue, and that’s food. And maybe others, but we’ll see.

Most of the meals here we eat at one of the eateries right next to our dorm. Usually things go just fine, sometimes some items are out and sometimes you just can’t find something you’re craving in the sizable collection of different dishes, but these hardships are just as minor as they sound. But the funny thing is that things usually considered junk food, i. e. pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries and so on are always served. Even funnier is the fact that even if something really nice like roast beef is served, there’s always more people queuing for the hamburgers and other unhealthy stuff. I wonder if this way of eating has something to do with a fact I read in a brochure in our eatery (the brochure proclaimed that third of the American population are obese).

Speaking of healthy things and health in general I can heartily endorse the proverb “Mens sana in corpore sano”, “A sound mind in a sound body”. Finding the foorball team mentioned before has helped me a great deal with the schoolwork. It’s not only that I like the game very much, but doing something familiar and physically demanding has a way of clearing the mind. Eating well also helps. I just wish the milk they served tasted better.

On the academic side of my adventures there’s nothing much new – programming is underway, Fast Fourier Transform is my newest friend. Tomorrow is another dinner + speaker combo, last time I wasn’t all that well, so let’s hope tomorrow works better.

But now it’s a lot of clock and time to sleep. To be continued.