Mindrek Tutorial Page Updated

Rhythmic Blueprints: A tutorial for design and evaluation of rhythmic interaction (Thursday, 29.9.2011)

The tutorial lasted three hours, and ended with a very lively discussion on related issues, such as

  • (Edward T) Hall’s studies (on cultural rhythms) and (Saul) Greenberg’s work on social rhythms (awareness)
  • Should the tutorial be called “interaction with rhythms” instead of rhythmic interaction?
  • Synesthesia as a resource for rhythmicity?
  • Behavioral change: negotiation already used in game design (transfer of adaptation)
  • Adaptive coaching
  • Language learning and pronunciation

The slides are at http://slidesha.re/mR59l1

Time allowing, we will return to discussion topics, and blog about them. Please remember that you can join the discussion by comments below.

Reminder: Please fill the evaluation form at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHFhbkVTSUpfcEtzZHN6TjdpSjdJN1E6MA