Mehlenbacher, B. et al. (2010) Social media for sustainable engineering communication, SIGDOC’10

I came across this article when I was looking for paper that discusses how engineering communication can be supported. However, the concept engineering communication in the title was a bit misleading, since paper turned out to be a general literature review on social media research. Still, I found one table, that lists pros and cons of social media, to be interesting. Here are some examples listed:

  • Openness Opportunity: Share objects with numerous audiences across platforms, Challenge: Allows peer survaillance and undermines privacy
  • Personal Opportunity: Serves as excellent repository for personal and professional data, Challenge: Increases flow of personal information across networks
  • Shared Responsibility Opportunity: All groups to own, share, and manipulate single objects, Challenge: Undermines the traditional authorship model and raises specter of copyright infringement