SGT – Meeting with Lilli

By Kiira Kinnunen

On Friday 18th March waste busters group met designer Lilli Mäkelä from Musta design. She has made her bachelor’s thesis on waste management in private households. Her solution to household waste management is a trolley that could be integrated into the kitchen. The system includes various types of waste bins for different kinds of wastes. I think the system seemed very practical and easy to use. The designer stated however, that the system is quite expensive to build because some of the waste bins have complicated designs.

We learnt the basic process of product design from Lilli. Since we have already done research on this, the next step in our project. The basic design process consists of 6 steps:

1) Brainstorming. This is the part when even the wildest innovations are welcome. No critical thinking is involved.

2) developing 3 concepts from the ideas that came up in the brainstorming session. Giving points to each concept based on various variables (for example practicality, mobility..)

3) Concrete design plans for one concept, that ideally combines the good features in all 3 concepts

4) Designing structure for the product

5) Building a prototype

6) Testing the prototype

Final step is to make a suggestion on what the final solution should be like. This can involve making changes to the prototype or starting again from earlier steps.