Meeting in Aalto School of Art and Design 1.2.11

By Kiira Kinnunen

Waste Busters met Tatu Marttila in School of Art and Design on Tuesday. The meeting was very interesting and gave us a lot of insight how waste management works in School of Art and Design. Tatu Marttila is a doctoral student specialized on sustainable development.

Sustainable development has been important in School of Art and Design for a long time. Principles of sustainable development and waste management have been published for all students already in 2007.

Waste management in School of Art and Design is well organized. There is a map of the location of each waste collection point and bins for different types of waste have different coloring. Special feature of School of Art and Design waste management is, that the amount of wood and metal waste can sometimes be quite high if there has been for example a large movie set project.

An interesting thing is, that there has been almost no mixed waste in last couple of years. That is because PVC, leather and all such material can be burned these days. I wonder how the process works?

We had a nice day!

Kiira from Waste Busters