SGT – Meeting at the design Factory

On 16.02.2011 we met in design factory to discuss our project and proposed study tour to Leeds University. Andy and Marri were also present in the meeting and later Mr. Joacim Theorell from Rubbermaid Commercial Products also joined us. We agreed that in order to address the problems at waste pre collection phase we should start conducting some surveys and interviews in design factory and then reflect their results in our solutions.

Tower Waste Bin

Idea of tower waste bin was also discussed and from the discussion following pros about the tower waste bin appeared.

a. It has enhanced visibility
b. Occupies small area
c. Compact
d. Less labor intensive to collect waste from the bins
e. Construction material cost is lowered since it is compact
f. By employing bottom wheels its mobility can be enhanced
g. More efficient since it is innovative
h. Increases the awareness about waste bin
i. Results better environment by its innovative design and efficiency

It was also discussed how to integrate tower waste bins in design factory. So following steps were agreed

a. Survey
b. Economical and technical comparison with the existing waste bins
c. Prototyping
d. Economic consideration
e. Material of construction

By Raja Mudasssar