Meeting 4.5.2011

We had a meeting today at 10-12 in Computer Science Building, Otaniemi. The draft version of the white paper should be ready on 10th of May.

Therefore, we discussed first the structure of the white paper. We changed it so that the white paper starts with a general vision. The following sections give more background information and explain the details. Finally, there are implementation instructions.

We dividided responsibilities of the different sections, but we still need a lot of help from all members of the group – also those who were not present at the meeting.

Saija promised to act as the editor of the final version of the white paper. The plan is to have the google docs draft ready by 10th of May. Saija will then make the first final layout for our next meeting on 12th of May. After that we will have time to finalize the final version of white paper for the 23rd of May workshop. The deadline for the final version is 20th of May.

All the members of the group can edit the document in google docs. The white paper is also visible to others. If you prefer, to edit the document on your own computer, you can download a local copy from File -> Download as -> Word. After that you can update the document yourself or send the changes to me and I will then edit the document.