Meeting 12.5.2011

Today we had a meeting in School of Economics, Töölö. We first reviewed Saija’s layout for the final version of the white paper. Also, we took a look at the draft version of the Doing group.

For the major part of the meeting we discussed the current draft version of our own white paper. We agreed, for example, on the following changes:

  • We start with the full story (members of the working group, etc. will be listed in the end of the white paper)
  • Tommi will refine the 1st section
  • Petri will change the order of the 2nd 3rd section
  • 3rd section needs light editing
  • Tommi will write new version of 5th section (we will include examples from Aalto and elsewhere)
  • The map will be removed from section 6
  • Section 8 will be writen as a menu in cookbook (the example will not be included)

The DL for the changes is Thu 19.5 at 17:00. After that Saija, will pull the text and pictures from the google docs and do the first final layout version.