Media goes Accessible 18.-20.1.2012

The first accessibility symposium of Aalto University for faculty, staff and students where community members discuss thoughts and exchange ideas to improve and co-design our communication and interaction in education and research. The symposium is organised by OOPA, VIPU and Media Factory. Enrol at if you are interested both to boost our communication and to include all members of Aalto community in our daily activities.


  • Morning session 1A CANCELLED due to force majeure accident!
  • We’ll begin at 12.30 at Media Factory (the afternoon session 1B)! Welcome!

1B-3B: Media Factory, Aalto ARTS, Hämeentie 135 A (Wednesday afternoon – Friday afternoon)


1A, Morning session at Sampo hall, LUME, Aalto ARTS (REGISTRATION)

9.00 Welcome to Aalto ARTS! Head of Student Services (ARTS) Leena Koskinen
9.45 Keynote: Thinking brains coping with information streams. Research professor Kiti Müller, brain at work programme, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

First day 18.1.2012

11.30-12.30 Lunch (on your own at Katri Antell, Meccala, Kipsari or Dylan)

1B Afternoon session at Media Factory, Aalto ARTS >> Registration (on Net)

12.00 Registration on site:

Welcome to Media Factory. Manager Juhani Tenhunen
FabLab in Action. Anu Määttä

Visualization: Simulation and Experience in New Media. Prof. Lily Díaz-Kommonen, Aalto ARTS

14.00 Coffee (on the house)

Challenge: Colours as noise. Harald Arnkil, Aalto ARTS
A solution: Designing of Understanding. Prof emeritus Tapio Vapaasalo

15.30 Workshop theme: The use of visualization outside the Design world (e.g. in Contract planning, or in Service blueprinting).
Moderator: Postdoctoral researcher Olivier Irrmann. SimLab, Aalto SCI

17.00 Closing remarks

Second day 19.1.2012

2A Morning session at Media Factory, Aalto ARTS: “How to do it?” (information design, subtitling lectures, standards, protocols etc) >> Registration

9.45 Registration for the second day

Subtitling, captioning, transliteration, transcription… PhD Päivi Rainò.

  • Many equivalent expressions but few services. Which kind of speech-to-text real-time-services can we offer for deaf and hard-of-hearing people? Where are the innovations, discoveries and inventors? Who could also gain from these services?

Technological and evaluation foundations of Accessible Web. Docent Ossi Nykänen, Tampere University of Technology, W3C

  • Abstract: Standard, machine-understandable interfaces are necessary for implementing and evaluating accessible Web applications and content. Quite often, however, certain legacy design practices motivated by the “desktop Web” are not sufficient from accessibility point of view and additional information and/or a new perspective is needed. In this presentation, we outline the current technological and evaluation foundation of accessible Web applications, introduce the current accessibility standardisation work at the W3C, and discuss the role of legacy assumptions in contemporary Web technology and application design.

12.30-13.30 Lunch (on your own at Katri Antell, Meccala, Kipsari or Dylan)

2B Afternoon session at Media Factory, Aalto ARTS >> Registration

Seeing voices, hearing images: HTML5 augmenting accessibility
moderators: Ossi Nykänen, Rasmus Vuori, Jyrki Messo, Esa Salmio, Päivi Rainò

Coffee (on the house)

People discuss, machines communicate: Webstudio workshop
Keynote by Antti Ikonen, Aalto ARTS Media Lab
Podcasting: Ranjit Menon, Aalto ARTS Media Lab
moderators: Ossi Nykänen, Miikka Roine (Jon Fabritius)

16.30 Closing remarks

Third day 20.1.2012

3A Morning session at Media Factory, Aalto ARTS. Networked learning: Combining virtual tuition with social media, open access, open courseware in practice, legal issues like copyright and creative commons, making excellent footage etc. >> Registration

9.45 Registration for the third day

Open access, Open courseware & copyright. Copyright Attorney Maria Rehbinder, Aalto ARTS


Wikimedia: accessible (new) media for (almost) all. Prof. Teemu Leinonen, Aalto ARTS

  • 12.00-13.00 Lunch (on your own at Katri Antell, Meccala, Kipsari or Dylan)

    3B Afternoon session at Media Factory, Aalto ARTS: Copyright and Creative Commons in practice >> Registration

    A challenge: Teacher’s survival kit. Tarmo Toikkanen, LE Group, Media Department, Aalto ARTS.
    Moderators: Aija Kuurne, OOPA, and Tarmo Toikkanen

    14.30-15.00 Coffee (on the house)

    Putting it all together with Adobe Connect Pro
    Moderators: Minna Vänskä & Esa Salmio, VIPU with Jon Fabritius & Oliver Manner, Web Studio & Anna Berg, Media Factory

    16.30-17.00 Closing remarks and wrap up