Mass creativity

In July 2012 the citizens of our capital, Helsinki, will have something to wonder: Suvilahti and its vicinity will be teeming with students of architecture from all over Europe – 500 participants in total. The event is called WASTELANDS and is in fact the 32nd European Architecure Students Assembly (EASA) focusing on wasted lands amidst urban spaces.
However, in 2011 EASA was held on the coast of the Atlantic with the theme deCOASTruction.

On the 23rd of July 2011 we arrived in the historical coastal town of Cádiz, Spain, to take part in the EASA. Our team consisted of 23 participants representing all the architecture schools in Finland, though the majority were students of Aalto University.

The two-week assembly itself consisted of intensive workshops ranging from philosophical debate groups, journalism and other media work to building of pavillions, exploring kites as well as studying clouds and their ephemeral qualities. However, the best fruit of the assembly was networking. Amongst the students, vast number of new friendships tied and the overall collegial atmosphere in the duration of EASA will provide all the participants new perspectives and worldwide connections. In my humble opinion, this is what makes the two hard years of work the organizers invest in EASA, only out of their good will, worth it.

2012 Wastelands organisers and Easa members: 

Text: architecture student Rafael Linnankoski, Aalto University

Photo: architecture student Emmi Jääskeläinen, Aalto University