The Aalto University World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 series of programmes has launched a website at  The website introduces all WDC Helsinki 2012 related Aalto University projects as well as the thought processes behind them.

The name of the Aalto University WDC Helsinki 2012 programme package is Living+.  The programmes aim to increase awareness of research and teaching related to the design of our living environments, and focus on the creation of better living environments in the spirit of sustainable development. The Living+ projects aim to improve the daily lives of people by new creative solutions combining art, economy and technology.  

The Living+ programmes include over 30 projects. Hundreds of people from Aalto University are implementing these projects: students, lecturers, researchers, alumni and other personnel. Dozens of people from the university as well as those from outside have been invited to participate as bloggers in the Aalto Talk section using the project themes. Aalto Talk will be launched in January.