Leydens, J.A. (2012) Sociotechnical communication in engineering: an exploration and unveiling of common myths, Engineering Studies, 4(1), pp.1-9

This is an editorial of an special issue on sociotechnical communication in engineering. The issue covers communication between engineers, teaching communication for engineering students, and engineers communicating to non-engineers. One of the myths of engineering communication is that it is the same as technical communication. However, it is always embedded in organizational and social contexts shapes it form and content. In fact, the author suggest to call is sociotechnical communication, since it is produced by humans situated in particular places in time, shaped by their local, sociological and other contexts. Another myth is that data speaks for themselves, but this is not the case. Interpretation and explanation is needed. One of the papers in the special issue tackles the similarities and differences across generations of engineers. Interesting is that in similarities the prefered channel is face-to-face and e-mail althoug the younger generation is more used to computer-mediated communication.