Lecture timetable, Autumn 2011 – Spring 2012

>>>> visual arts >>>> music >>>> performing arts >>>> literature >>>> politics >>>> philosophy >>>> economy >>>> what’s the function of art in society? >>>> why are artists poor? >>>> should freedom of speech be limited? >>>> etcetera >>>> teemu mäki & visitors >>>> the lecture series starts >>>> monday 5.9.2011, 13:00 >>>> ends 21.5.2012 >>>> https://blogs.aalto.fi/whatsthefutureofart

Teemu Mäki starts the series and gives some of the later lectures as well, but most of the lecturers will be visitors that are announced later. Many of them will be the same as previously (check the post about lecturers of 2010-2011).

And location almost always is: Aalto University School of Art & Design, Hämeentie 135 C, 00560 Helsinki, 8. floor big lecture hall.

The schedule is: 18 lectures/events, Monday afternoons, 13:00–16:00, every two weeks unless otherwise indicated:

5.9.2011, What’s the Future of Art?, Teemu Mäki: “What Is the Function of Art? / Mikä on taiteen tehtävä?”, Part one

19.9.2011, Teemu Mäki: “What Is the Function of Art? / Mikä on taiteen tehtävä?”, Part two

3.10.2011, NO LECTURE, instead; go and see the dance theatre work “Kaikki Vaikuttaa / All Matters – No Escape” on 5. or 6. or 7. of October, in STOA, Itäkeskus. More info: http://www.teemumaki.com/theater-all-matters-no-escape.htmlhttp://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=196468830395987.

17.10.2011, Barbara Sonvilla: “It´s futurible. About the “mood organ” and other possible futures”

31.10.2011, Teemu Mäki: “What Is the Function of Art? / Mikä on taiteen tehtävä?”, Part three

14.11.2011, Teemu Mäki: “What Is the Function of Art? / Mikä on taiteen tehtävä?”, Part four (catharsis and other funny things…)

28.11.2011, Dorota Nieznalska, a Polish artist working with installation, video, photo, etc., also a doctoral student in Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, http://www.nieznalska.com.

16.1.2012, Anastasia Patsey, Curator, Art-centre “Pushkinskaya-10” St. Petersburg, www.p-10.ru.

30.1.2012, Mia Mäkelä, an artist working in the fields of real-time audiovisual performance, experimental video and documentary, www.miamakela.net.

13.2.2012, Tero Nauha (1970–), a performance artist and draughtsman, plus a doctoral student in Theatre Academy Helsinki. www.teronauha.com.

27.2.2012, Miron Zownir, a German photographer, filmmaker and writer, www.mironzownir.com.

12.3.2012, Terike Haapoja: Art & Bioscience & Environment”. Haapoja (1974–) is a visual artist working with videos, installations and stage projects, characterized by the use of new media and scientific technologies. She is also a doctoral student in Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. http://.terikehaapoja.net.

26.3.2012, Teemu Mäki: “What Is the Function of Art? / Mikä on taiteen tehtävä?”, Part five

9.4.2012, no lecture (it’s Easter)

23.4.2012, Franco Berardi: “Abstraction and general intellect: digitalization virtualization and the ambiguous coming back of the body.” Berardi is an Italian philosopher; http://mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/item/default.asp?ttype=2&tid=11880.

7.5.2012, Aune Kallinen: “The Spaces of Body and Stage (in my work)”. Kallinen is a theatre director and performance artist. She also teaches at the Finnish Theatre Academy. http://www.kansallinenhanke.blogspot.com

14.5.2012, Sanna Kekäläinen: “The Rehearsal”, a dance performance in Cable Factory: K&C Tila, Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1 C, 4. floor, at 19:00, http://www.kekalainencompany.net (Note that this performance is not listed on the Kekäläinen website, because it’s an additional performance, just for us.)

15.5.2012, Freedom Theatre: “While Waiting”, a theatre performance in Finnish National Theatre, 13:00, by a theater group from the Jenin refugee camp in Palestine: http://www.kansallisteatteri.fi/esitykset/while-waiting/ http://www.thefreedomtheatre.org/

23.5.2012, THE BIG CONCLUSION(/CONFUSION): Cable Factory, Helsinki: 1) Akseli Virtanen introduces the Art & Economy -project of FAB (Future Art Base), in Cable Gallery at 16:00, 2) Opening of the ANTIDOTE 4 -exhibition in Cable Gallery http://www.kaapelingalleria.fi/ at 17:00, 3) Golem-Variations, a performance in Theater Academy, by Esa Kirkkopelto & Toisissa tiloissa -group, http://www.toisissatiloissa.net, at 19:00… …and collective, voluntary sauna experience somewhere (will let you know about it later).