Lecture Timetable, Spring 2011

Monday, 17.1.2011, 1-4pm, Teemu Mäki: “Should Freedom of Speech Be Limited? / Saako profeettaa pilkata?”

Monday 31.1.2011, 1-4pm, Akseli Virtanen: “Future art base: depression, panic, fragility”

Monday 14.2.2011, 1-4pm, Aapo Korkeaoja: “Performance and Other Arts in Future”

Monday 28.2.2011, 1-4pm, Marina Koldobskaya: “Thinking your history, share your memory”: 1) Soviet heritage – never again and nothing else. Personal/collective aesthetical laggage of artists, born in USSR. Experience of historical/artistic research. 2) Demonstration of “Time and Place” program (Slide-show, documenting late Soviet and Post-Soviet everyday life environment.  About 400 photos by 18 St.-Petersburg mid-generation artists.

Monday 14.3.2011, 1-4pm, Akseli Virtanen: “Future art base: Art and Economy”

Monday 28.3.2011, 1-4pm, Terike Haapoja: “Art & bioscience & environment”

Monday 11.4.2011, 1-4pm, Franco Bifo Berardi: “Sensibility, language, virtualization and poetry”

Monday 9.5.2011, 1-4pm, Teemu Mäki: A short discussion about “What’s the Future of Art?” -course. Then screening of Renzo Martens’ “Episode Three”

Monday 16.5.2011, 1-4pm, Kira Sjöberg: “Art: What’s business (not) gotta do with it?”