Learning to use Adobe Connect Pro in education

Media goes Accessible symposium went accessible with Adobe Connect Pro. The following is the description of streaming and recording Media goes Accessible symposium by Adobe Connect Pro.

Arrangements beforehand

First Antti Raike organized the symposium beforehand by e-mail, Doodle, Facebook and Yammer and asked MInna Vänskä and other people to help with AC arrangements. Minna promised to organise details with Janne Lummaa. Secondly, AV team member Janne prepared to bring equipment to Media Factory auditorium:

  • 1 lavalier microphone for the presenter
  • 2 wireless hand microphones for the audience
  • a mixer with usb
  • 1 dv-camera
  • a laptop for camera and mics mentioned above (signed in AC as “Presenter”)
  • a laptop providing a webcamera for the sign language interpreters (signed in AC as “Interpreters”)

Thirdly, Adobe Connect meeting room was ordered from AV team (av-palvelut@aalto.fi) and several assisting people were named as hosts in the meeting room: https://connectpro.aalto.fi/mediagoesaccessible/

Analysis, improvements and solutions:

The google docs file (link below) presents the learning outcomes of the Media goes Accessible team. There are some crucial issues with the effective use of ACP, but they are not too complicated to solve on location: