Learning Creative Learning – about the course, about Vesa

Media Lab Helsinki’s big sister, MIT’s Media Lab, has started a course called “Learning Creative Learning“. It’s a MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course.

The idea of a MOOC is breathtaking. Thousands of people, from every corner of the earth, are taking the online course. We, the students, watch videos, participate in small groups and do readings, guided by the very best academics in the world. The course is open for everyone. And it’s free.

I’m participating the course. This blog is about my thoughts and experiences both on the course itself and, of course, on issues of learning creativity.

So: hi! I’m Vesa Saarinen, a 32-year old M.Soc.Sc. in Sociology. I work as a manager of communications in a largish Finnish NGO. I also do my second Master’s Degree in the Aalto ARTS University’s Media Lab, located in Helsinki, Finland. It’s about popularizing qualitative research.