Lean Accounting

This blog has not been very active beside my first test post about rails 3, but I have decided to try to make regular blog posts. This is in part due to my other blog (in finnish and about IT-innovation services).

I work in an eviroment that has historically not been very lean or agile. I spent a lot of time in an effort to make agile/lean thinking part of everything we do. My plan is to write about those efforts in this blog to share my experiences and hopefully to get input from you.

This first post is about something I have had to deal with a lot lately; accounting and budgeting. The way the people who do this for a living look at the world and my work seems so different to my own that I have been intellectually laze and just accepted that as a fact of life. Then I came across this video and started to think that lean/agile thinkig would do the accountants/controllers of the world a lot of good.

But how should one go about educating them about this different way of thinking about work and life?


Teemu Toivonen