Keynote speaker: Paul Weir

We are very happy to announce Paul Weir will be presenting at the symposium.

Paul Weir – Changing Times: The Benefits of Generative Music within Games

Generative music brings with it tremendous benefits for creating a non-repetitive and reactive soundtrack within games, yet there are very few titles that have incorporated the technology. This talk presents generative music within a theoretical framework and provides evidence of its benefit alongside examples of systems that we’ve helped to develop for games (such as the new Thief title by Eidos Montreal) and within commercial spaces such as airports and banks with our partners at The Sound Agency.

About Paul Weir: I’m an audio director, composer and sound designer working through my London based sound design company Earcom (www, I’ve experience on over fifty titles and I’m currently working on the new Thief title for Eidos Montreal, previous Thief games have a reputation for pushing the boundaries of game audio and we have similar ambition. I also run the radio production company Perfectly Normal Productions ( which produces comedy, drama and music programming for BBC radio.