Just because you call it innovative, doesn’t make it so.

I keep seeing the word innovation everywhere. So much so, that nothing feels innovative anymore.

When did that happen?

I guess since marketing got their hands on it. Innovation became a buzz word. Something to rile up the masses and get everyone pumped about the new product that they just had to have right now. Because, hey, after all – it was innovative. Not naming names, but a certain fruit based company had a major hand in this the past decade.

So now, at least three times a year, a new innovation is out. The screen is brighter, the weight lighter, this time the product doesn’t explode when exposed to air. Innovation is slowly suffocating actual progress.

Which is why design innovation in everything scares me. As I stated in my previous blog, the crate housing thing is something that I would truly call innovative. Taking something that was old, unusable, broken and turning it into a clear and working product for the future that actually shows a working new side of a thing that others couldn’t see. The housing experiment in Kruununhaka has been working like a charm. It has proven the concept can work, is safe and liveable, even as we are headed into the colder months of the year.

So when working on your next fantastic design idea. Be it a housing project, tea cup set, table, chair, whatever. Before applying innovation, even if it would be sparsely, please – think of the application first. Innovation should never replace useability.